Standard Artist / Reiko Hamano

Zodiac Sign: Libra

What are the 3 words to describe your art?
Everyday, natural, and strange.

What inspires you to use nature as one of the core languages in your work? 
As having grown up and living in cities, the existence of nature is always distant from my urbanized life. Yet, I believe that the mystical power of nature, that may be something invisible, influences our lives.



Where do you get your current inspirations from?
Everyday life, like walking on the street in the city under the sky. Also I get inspirations when I contemplate what possibly makes my previous work better or speak better.

What do you usually listen to in the studio?
Sometimes, music. Sometimes, silence.

What else would you like to be doing besides from being an artist?
Maybe, owning a shop to sell clothes and furnitures/objects.

What do you like about Doppelstandard?
Reminding me of a kind of 90s fashion style that was more into assemblage of high fashion, prêt-à-porte and vintage. Like, the 90s was when everyone does not wear same types of clothes mass-prodced by fast-fashion companies. 

What's your weekend style when you're not in the studio?Casual or simple style while going to galleries, museums, or would ideally like to go hiking but not happening when I am in the city.

Photography by Mika Orotea