STANDARD ARTIST / Jane D'Arensbourg


Zodiac sign Pisces
Party trick No tricks!
Karaoke jam Addicted to love, Ciccone Youth version. 
3 words to describe your art meditative, light and shadow. 


What's your background and how does it have an impact on your work? 
I started out as an artist and fell into making jewelry. For a while I was trying to keep two different careers going but Now I feel that it's all blending together.  I consider my jewelry wearable art.

Why glass? 
Glass is the most inspiring material I have worked with. I guess I'm a bit of a pyromaniac,  I love that I use fire and gravity primarily as the tools to shape glass. The process of making my work is very meditative.

What's the current inspiration for your work? 

What's the most fun project you've done? 
Making all the lighting and working on the wallpaper and interiors of my husband's restaurant "Fung Tu" is the most exciting project I have worked on.

What do you like about Doppelstandard? 
The first thing that blew me away is all of the amazing Japanese vintage dresses and their unique prints as I have always loved vintage clothing. The way Andy styles the vintage pieces along with edgy yet elegant contemporary designers is unique. There is always a bit of playfulness mixed in with modern structural strong pieces. 

Apart from being an artist, name a job that you'd be interested in doing? 
Designing rugs.

What's your weekend style when you're not in the studio? 
easy silk dresses and always one of my necklaces. 


Photography by Kristin Blush