Art of Wrapping #nationalwrappingday

In the honor of National Wrapping Day, we hand picked these wrapping art for your wrapping pleasure.

An adorable ribbon bow zoo by Ribboneisa.

Exploring the concept of camouflage in this Wrapping Paper Series by Benedict Morgan.

Pushing the idea and scale of wrapping by artists Christo and Jeanne Claude.

A machine that creates organic space patterns between objects and thread - The Thread Wrapping Machine by Anton Alvarez.

... and there are always these sushi cats wrapped in stuff. via

Top Ten Most Talented Animal Videos #CelebrateYourUniqueTalentDay

Today is Celebrate Your Unique Talent Day, we complied the top ten animals with unique talent to kick start your week! 

We know it's always tough to get through Monday so we handpicked these uniquely talented animals to make your life easier. From skateboarding bulldog, twerking corgi, master of balance bird to the cat who plays the guessing game the best.

Happy Monday! #celebrateyouruniquetalentday

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